A new adventure in every season and in every direction

You’ll be spoiled for choice. Spring and summer in Piedmont are synonymous with green meadows and blooming flowers, the perfect time to reach the hill towns on foot or by bike. Autumn is no less thanks to the grape harvest. You can search for mushrooms and truffles, go on wine tours and discover the history of the region. Each season ensures magical memories.


Cooking courses

Imperai a cucinare deliziosi piatti della nostra tradizione utilizzando i migliori ingredienti locali.

Ti forniremo tutti gli strumenti necessari per preparare pasta fresca, sughi, dolci e altri classici locali.


Combining landscape and taste is possible!

You will have the opportunity to participate in guided tours in the cellars of the best producers in our area.

Walking and mountain bike tours

We offer different opportunities for lovers of mountain biking and outdoor walks. There are many possible itineraries: from the simplest ones, to the most demanding and panoramic ones, full of breathtaking views and historical evidence of the past. 

With Guido Rapetti you can pedal to the discovery of a territory of hidden and reserved beauty, silent, through streets that flow in the wonder of the vineyards, the quiet Piedmontese countryside.

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